Welcome and thank you for your interest in the radiation oncology training program at UC San Diego. With two former program directors on our faculty, we have developed an innovative and comprehensive program that focuses on resident education and professional development. Resident rotations and conference schedules are organized around disease sites, and led by experts in each area. As our health care system continues to evolve and further embrace multidisciplinary care, our goal is to train excellent physicians that are well-rounded in oncology and highly skilled in radiation therapy. We have incorporated training in the business of radiation oncology and one year of protected time for research and academic development, with the goal of preparing residents for careers in either academics or private practice. Dr. John Einck (above) was named Residency Program Director in 2010. As a former program director at the University of Washington, he has worked with faculty to create a unique training program that incorporates parts of other programs that work well while developing new practices in training residents that allow a unique perspective on our field