Comorbidity Calculator

Calculates risk factors for head and neck cancer patients enrolling in NRG-HN004

This tool is designed to determine a patient’s eligibility for the NRG trial HN004. To qualify, patients greater than 70 years old must meet one of the following criteria and patients less than 70 must meet two.

  • GCE ω-score less than 0.5
  • ACE-27 Index ≥ 2
  • Charlson Comorbidity Index ≥ 2
  • G-8 score ≤ 14
  • CARG Toxicity Score ≥ 30%
  • CIRS-G Score ≥ 6
Check all that apply
Any fall in the past 6 months
Hearing, fair or worse
Limited in walking 1 block
Inability to take medications independently
Decreased socialization because of health
Creatinine clearance: (mg/dL)
GCE ω Score: This model uses a patient's medical, socioeconomic and tumor characteristics to determine their risk of dying from cancer relative to all other causes

ACE-27: RTOG Adult Comorbidity Evaluation assigns grades to relevant comorbidities
RTOG ACE-27 form

Charlson Comorbidity Index
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G-8 Score
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CIRS-G Score
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