• Hometown - Palm City, FL
  • BS Nuclear & Radiological Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology 2008
  • MS Medical Physics – The University of Texas, Houston 2010
  • PhD PMedical Physics - The University of Texas, Houston 20191
  • Board Certification - American Board of Radiology 2014

Dr. Kisling is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Division of Medical Physics and Technology. Her main research interests are Knowledge-Based Planning approaches for 3DCRT. She is interested in using Knowledge-Based approaches for decision support, automated treatment planning, and quality control. Broadly, Dr. Kisling is interested in developing tools to improve the efficiency, consistency, and quality of processes in radiation therapy in order to enhance clinical care in both high- and low-resource centers. Dr. Kisling is also an active clinical medical physicist in both external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy and is engaged in the medical physics residency program.